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Mitsubishi Aftersales Support Application

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Program Mitsubishi ASA (Mitsubishi Aftersales Support Application) or parts catalog Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi), contains a catalog of original parts for all models of Mitsubishi (MMC) in different markets. Electronic Catalogue of MMC ASA (Mitsubishi Aftersales Support Application) provides dealer information on spare parts and accessories for cars and SUVs Mitusbishi (Mitsubishi) in different markets.

MMC ASA (Mitsubishi Aftersales Support Application) is a new shell was launched in 2007 to replace Wincaps. MMC ASA - Mitsubishi Wincaps (CAPS) USA / EUR / JAP / General works on the new (relatively) operating system, the caps had a problem, I checked the work in win xp, vista, xp x64, vista x64

Electronic Catalogue Mitsubishi ASA is fully installed on the hard drive is 700 Mb to 1.5 Gb hard drive. 4 regions occupy 4.8 Gb hard drive. In the catalog of auto parts Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi) has a search on VIN code, choice of models, spare parts search for the original order number, name, there is the applicability of parts Mitsubishi.

Do not forget, I do not have support for this software, I do not sell it if you know how to help with your problem then the answer - if not, do not blame me, to demand that either - it is useless, read this discussion, perhaps your question has already been answered .

Conflict catalogs Mitsubishi ASA (MMC ASA): Possible conflict with emulators and real Hasp HL keys Hasp (lpt usb) links to files. Please do not give direct links to files. Otherwise, it will set antilich - and direct links will not download all will be difficult. Want to tell others where to get the program - let Against leechers and so is the password for the archives , Read carefully this subject, all described directly Installation IN BRIEF download () download (download) Archives time to back up the image (iso)(a password, the password is shown below - a careful reading to avoid problems during installation) () () mount the image (s) to the virtual CD or burn disc (s) asa - set asa - it may be necessary in the process of connecting the target image crack - (dll) install crack - copy the file (dll) and run the file adds info to the registry ready In detail cd. distributions are provided in the form of archives in which there is a disk image cd. cd(dvd) for ease of installation and use recommend using emulation software cd (dvd) drive where you can connect these images do not burn disc

-DAEMON Tools-
I recommend the free program DAEMON Tools - download and program site
Setup - Mount the disk image (the first disc if more than one) of the region is downloaded (link below) and run the setup program from the root directory of the disk illustration of the installation

After installation, you must crack the file mmData.dll. From the ASA folde copy the crack mmData.dll into the folder ASA of the region which you are installing.

list of locations and folders by region

REG Crack Run MMC.REG From the folder crack Reboot Windows (if not, then when you install the updates there can be possible glitches). You can use updates

ASA1440.rar ,

Go to the version here to download the file ASA1440.rar ,
Get from it the file ASA.exe and copy over the existing ASA.exe.
asa.exe conditions for the transition to a different version asa.exe

list of locations and folders by region

Before upgrading, save folder old (for example):
Run the update. .
After the update fails.
old Recover files from ASALTG.DLL ASA.EXE and folders stored old

ASALTG.DLL old_1.4.rar

If not maintained, then download old and ASA.EXE ASALTG.DLL old_1.4.rar win x64

Solution with a key error to win x64 use this file to the registry download link

MMC ASA spare parts for all models of Mitsubishi:

A Download

A Download
B Download

A Download
B Download

Mitsubishi General (MMC ASA)
A Download
B Download

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